About Firm

Breit Law Office, PLLC is a leading civil litigation firm in Kentucky and Indiana. Our law firm consists of a knowledgeable and respected group of attorneys, who are proud to serve and represent it’s client in the region. The Breit Law Office team has an in-depth understanding of civil litigation matters, exemplified by our many successful jury trial results and the numerous high damage civil litigation cases we have managed or resolved. We get the Results our Clients need or want with our Experience, Ability, Proven Processes and the Passion in which we pursue each case.

Our attorneys represent or defend many clients involving personal injury, long term care, or insurance related claims each year. In addition we have handled such cases in the Court of Appeals, District, Federal and Circuit Court jurisdictions throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

Since 1999, the tenacity, expertise, and passion of our litigation team at the Breit Law Office has resulted in thousands of successful settlements and trial verdicts. For those seeking confidence and compassion amid a litigation suit, allow the Breit Law Office to become your partner – we treat our clients like family and will get the Results you need.