Tabnie Dozier

As a Litigation Supervisor, I had the pleasure of having a long-standing working relationship with attorney Marc Breit. Marc is an extremely talented lawyer with all of the necessary qualities to succeed in the handling of civil litigation cases. His superb competence and strategizing abilities along with his competitive nature, tireless energy, and charisma serve to make him one of the best – if not the best – trial lawyers in this region. Although I greatly admire Marc for the aforementioned abilities, what most impressed me was Marc’s awareness and concern for the most important stakeholder in the litigation process, his client, along with his integrity, dedication and professionalism that were always first and foremost.

Steve Spanyer
Retired Litigation Supervisor
Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance

Wonderful, friendly, low key personality – absolutely no hesitation to go to trial – nice, disarming, and wins, wins, wins.

Ken Corey
Retired Jefferson Circuit Court Judge

Obviously Marc brings an almost unbeatable trial record to the table, which gives confidence to his clients, along with diverse courtroom knowledge. He is widely regarded as one of our best super lawyers in the region and is a true business partner.

But equally important you also get a real deep human compassion experience to try to find common ground to justice and fairness on both sides based on his professional reputation and deep respect of his peers to find a solution on matters that are complicated and emotional for everyone involved which we appreciate as well at Signature HC.

E. Joseph Steier, III
President & CEO
Signature HealthCARE, LLC

Marc has always been a very intelligent and tough adversary who does a wonderful job representing his clients while maintaining nothing but the highest levels of professional courtesy with opposing counsel.

Anonymous Attorney